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On Cowardice, Terrorism, and America

Here at the Theological Heretics Institute for the Nurture of Knowledge, Enlightenment, Reconciliation and Salvation, we recognize that one of the greatest evils we face in this world is groupthink, also known as mob mentality, or in some contexts, tribalism. … Continue reading

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On Sophistry and Demagoguery

One of the real threats to our democracy is that when people become hostile to responsible governance, they will only elect irresponsible governance. This is a useful tool for anyone who wishes to act under the cover of irresponsible governance. … Continue reading

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On Labels and Magic Words

I have a close relative who decades ago converted to Jehovah’s Witnesses. We had many discussions about religion, and being a convert, he was quite enthusiastic about all of the things he was learning to believe. In one of the … Continue reading

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It’s Officially Not Funny Anymore

As a student of logic I have often been amused by bad logic. Most people have a sense of logic and can understand basic logic when they are posed with simple logic problems, but as logical problems get more complex … Continue reading

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On Decency

Decent, polite, normal, responsible, deserving, moral and fair are all words that carry a lot of baggage that makes them less than helpful in some discussions.  At the risk of oversimplification, I would like to divide that baggage into two … Continue reading

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Third Rail

Third Rail Well, my friends, the Conclave is recently concluded as I muse here, and a “sequester” is in full swing here at home in the States.  I have not been posting thoughts for quite a while, and I think … Continue reading

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On Politics, Morality and Reason: A Dialogue

Theo: Hello, my good friend Philo. I came to call you to task on your reckless position on the laws that shape our society. I can scarcely believe that you would risk everything we value for the sake of dry … Continue reading

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