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Do You Do Voodoo?

One of the claims often made about a religious practice by those outside of the practice is that it is merely “superstition”.  With all apologies to practitioners of the so-named  religions of Haiti and Louisiana, the most common term in … Continue reading

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Absolute Moral Relativism

One of the evils we are told to fear about Humanism and Secularism, and “PC” is that tolerance leads to Moral Relativism.  The fear, it goes, is that when you allow morals to be relative, then anything can be called … Continue reading

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Logical Argument and the “God Question”

I have been reading blog comments and watching YouTube videos in which apologists for Theism and Atheism abuse logic to try to answer a question that those of us who are competent at Logic find somewhat amusing, but as a … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Intelligent Design

I would like to open a discussion about a different kind of intelligent design than is usually discussed.  I don’t suggest that I have found answers, but I have stumbled across some questions that at least I find to be … Continue reading

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