Welcome to the Thinkers Church

The Theological Heretics Institute for the Nurture of Knowledge, Enlightenment, Reconciliation and Salvation is a church which grew out of the frustration caused by the common approaches to religion. Several apparent truths are often overlooked when discussion occurs, or they are dismissed or denied.

–          All theological progress has taken the form of heresy when it was introduced.  While heresy can be dangerous to a faith community, it is also essential to any search for truth beyond doctrines and dogmas. Therefore, if we are to progress, we must have a forum where heresy is allowed.

–          There are common elements across all of the world’s religions. Whether or not a religion is in some way “false”, at least some elements are true if they in common with a religion that is said to be true, and even if none are wholly true, some elements are, so none is wholly false.

–          Religion(s), Science, Reason, Mathematics, are all, to some degree, closed systems.  For example, science is defined in terms of identifying natural laws.  Nothing supernatural can be defined, measured, or identified within science.  The closest we can come is to hypothesize how a supernatural cause would manifest a natural effect, which is to treat the supernatural as natural, not supernatural.  This is no slight on the wonders of science; it is description of a closed system. As closed systems, the overlap or lack of overlap between them may determine the limits of valid comparison between them.

–          There are many sources of wisdom, and we are always better off listening to wisdom than dismissing it.

This site is intended to be an online congregation for the THNKERS Church.  The Posts are, in a way, our sermons, but it is not our goal to tell you what to think but to start discussions about the search for truth, wisdom and spiritual fulfillment.  We do not reject other churches or require the rejection of other faiths to congregate here.  We only ask that condemnation of our effort be left at the door.  No belief is unworthy of examination; no belief is unquestionable in this church.  We are all free to disagree, but we ask that you seek to understand what you are disagreeing with and help us understand your disagreement.  This is not a seminary or a university philosophy department, but we do not discourage participation from those students, but welcome it.  Just keep in mind that Heretics are not likely to accept any argument that quotes authority rather than explaining itself.